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Our client focused teams strive to enhance the overall customer experience with our in-depth knowledge and strong problem solving skills which enable us to manage complex projects efficiently and effectively.

You can expect to be supported at all stages; from planning and execution, to delivery which has helped us to cultivate lasting relationships across the globe.

Julian Chin

Managing Director, Operations & Finance

I truly believe that a company’s greatest strength is its people and if you can strike a fine balance between empowering them to do their best by giving them the space and tools, as well as creating an atmosphere where they are encouraged to have fun through learning, failure and experimentation – then that to me is the key to success.

Don McNabb

Managing Director, Operations & Development

Welcome to JD Aero. I am very proud of our team of skilled employees and the significant contributions everyone has put in over the last decade to make us an industry leader in regional aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate everyone at JD for their excellent efforts and to thank our dedicated customers for their continued support.

Jori Thomson

Director of Maintenance

Marcus Labelle

Production Manager

Andy Scott

FBO Manager

Sherie Nicholson

Human Resources Business Lead

Susan Scott

Supervisor, Purchasing & Receiving

Phil Belkoski

Supervisor, Inventory & Quarantine

Michael Nyarko

Quality Assurance

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